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Look mum! I iz a tiger!

I’ve had three persian cats so far… Poupine, whom I rescued from a three cats house, where she was bullied by the other two furballs. I didn’t get to pick her name, because she was already grown up when we decided to be roommates. Cissy. I got her as a kitten, but she was soon…… Continue reading Look mum! I iz a tiger!

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Mum! I haz a snake stuck to my butts!!

Having a persian cat is not a low maintenance business. If you don’t like grooming, you should forget the fluffy furballs! They are cute, but they require the daily share of brushing and combing, no matter what kitty thinks about it. Miss Freja hasn’t finished her Valkyrie training, but she hasn’t given up just yet.…… Continue reading Mum! I haz a snake stuck to my butts!!

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If it fits, I sits!

  In order to persue her Valkyrie training, Freja is practicing her hiding skills… The smaller the box, the bigger the challenge… Some people would just take this as an online overdose of cuteness, but I can see the fierce will to learn all the soul collector’s ways in her eyes….      

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Shaving my pussy…

That should get some reads, wouldn’t you say? There’s nothing like a nicely shaved pussy to get the crowd’s attention. I have been a little lazy the past weeks, winter has been harsh you know? And I wasn’t carefull about grooming, so things kind of got out of hands… I thought about going to a…… Continue reading Shaving my pussy…

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Honey, there’s a wasp in the bathroom!

You’ll take care of it this afternoon, right? Sure! Yeah… Of course, I will! The bathroom being the place where the toilet, the bathtub and most of Freja’s stuff are, access to the bathroom is pretty much essential… So I guess that I can forget about the “let’s just close the door and wait for…… Continue reading Honey, there’s a wasp in the bathroom!

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Under attack…

I think Freja is jealous of my Valkyrie plans. I tried to explain to her that she wouldn’t like it. First she’d have to stay awake more than 15 minutes. Not likely to happen. She said she’d be really fierce with them sharp claws and teeth of hers. I have to admit, I have been…… Continue reading Under attack…