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Look mum! I iz a tiger!

I’ve had three persian cats so far…


Poupine, whom I rescued from a three cats house, where she was bullied by the other two furballs. I didn’t get to pick her name, because she was already grown up when we decided to be roommates.


Cissy. I got her as a kitten, but she was soon diagnosed with severe heart problems. She had a short life, but I think she had a great time nonetheless… She was named after Sissi the Empress, and she proved to be just that, a little princess.

And now…


Yeah, you know that fluffy face and rat tail!

I had high expectations when I named Miss Freja after a nordic goddess. I tried to train her to be a great Valkyrie, but I failed miserably!

I think Freja is broken.

One moment she hesitates to jump on the bed, as if it was totally out of reach, and the next she’ll have a brain bubble;


I suspect that Freja’s mom only gave her hints about life, but didn’t give her proper kitten training. Our fluffball knows there is some scratching involved when it comes to litter-time. She just didn’t figure that she had to put litter sand on her… well you know what, just yet. But she scratches… Everywhere else. The washer, the dryer, the door, the floor all around the litterbox… Until I get in the bathroom to stop her.

Oh, but when genius is done eating… She will find anything in the room to cover her empty plate. She suddenly becomes incredibly skilled at burrying things! There again, the scratching around won’t stop before I take the plate away…

I have warned her about running away from home. Her poor surviving skills wouldn’t allow her to make it to the corner of our street. My main concern being that she would most probably fail to find a way to eat. When we are having dinner, and she wants to taste a bit of chicken, or pork, or anything else, I have to hand feed her. If I just throw the piece of meat on the floor, it seems to automatically disappear! She will search for it for minutes, even  if I hold my finger right next to it to give her a clue…

I had decided that she couldn’t smell or see properly. I prefered that to thinking that she is planin dumb!

And yesterday, a fly entered the apartment, as I was watering the mini-garden on the balcony.

At first I thought she was just having a brain bubble again. Man! Was I wrong…

Freja can see just fine. I would even say that her sight is pretty dang amazing. She ran around, jumping places she had never even thought about jumping before, all claws out, not ready to stop before she got the dang fly.


The Tiger, and the Fly.


Now, that leaves me wondering…

Have I been fooled the past year and a half? Did Miss Freja play dumb all this time, just so I would spoil her more?? Is she the cutest manipulator on earth? What else does she have in mind??

What’s going to happen next?

If I ever disappear, please tell the cops to investigate her! Please!

10 thoughts on “Look mum! I iz a tiger!

  1. We have Teddy and Pyewacket..both have trained George to open the door (even though they know how to use the cat door right next to the big one)..have trained him to feed them 47 bazillion times a day so that we end up with 47 bazillion half cans of cat food in the fridge……….they are far smarter than we humans are. I shall send in the gendarmes should you fail to post for a few days in a row!Vive la Frozenlanders!

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    1. Mouahahahahha they are smart, and they know it! I can’t believe Nature gave them cuteness on top of the brains thing! It is just not fair… Now, I know that I am less cute & less intelligent. And I am the one that has to go to work to feed the both of us….



  2. Hahahahaha… you know that we have a blind cat? And I could swear that he is actually not blind but just pretends and actually fooled the Vet too. But then the next thing is that he runs straight into the wall when he is not focused on where he is going. Or into a corner somewhere. So I guess he truly is blind… or a dam good actor…

    Liked by 1 person

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