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Kickin’ covers…

Hey there, Lovelies, As you might have read in my latest Cyranny’s jukebox post, I recently came across a long series of very popular song covers, that Damien Robitaille, a French Canadian professional singer, has been posting online since the beginning of the pandemic (you can find him on Instagram @damienrobitaille). The guy is talented, and that’s…… Continue reading Kickin’ covers…

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Farewell Loca….

Loca the Pug has passed away. Who the dang is Loca, anyway? – Some of you are probably thinking… Well Loca was a star on The Internets. She was a little pug that had a disability that made it impossible for her to run normally. At first her owners just mocked her lovingly, and after…… Continue reading Farewell Loca….

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Look mum! I iz a tiger!

I’ve had three persian cats so far… Poupine, whom I rescued from a three cats house, where she was bullied by the other two furballs. I didn’t get to pick her name, because she was already grown up when we decided to be roommates. Cissy. I got her as a kitten, but she was soon…… Continue reading Look mum! I iz a tiger!