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Little helper…



Sometimes, you just need one.

And lucky for me, there’s a furball that’s been wandering around the apartment for almost seven years now. Not paying rent, and getting free meals (and treats) everyday.

Why not take advantage of her, right?

I mean, if Santa gets to have little helpers, why wouldn’t I?

So I’ve trained my little Valkyrie-wannabe to take over the task when I am busy at work. She’s been doing a brilliant job, looking out the front balcony door, as you can see on the above picture.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to see this week. Apparently, our serial killer neighbours are again trying (nice try) to look somewhat normal.

But you know me… When people try to lure me one way, I go looking a little further.

And I wasn’t disappointed.




Oh yeah! You can put an old toilet and a little pile of wood on top of your garbage, but it won’t fool me.

That’s not a renovation project… It’s just a sign of the killing madness going on in the neighbourhood. I won’t bring the G word out here, but I am guessing many families are looking for loved ones as we speak.

Not that we are actually speaking… But you know what I mean.

In the meanwhile, Freja’s on the lookout.

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