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This reblog may contain some “shitload” – Mrs Completely

I have weird obsessions…  Denmark (obvious), Mads (hey, I can’t control my hormones!!),  flags (gotta be a regular in the Cove to understand that one) and…  The word “shitload”!

Thank you, whoever you are, who invented that great, giggle-maker word!

Yeah, I like the word, it makes me laugh, and I use it as often as possible (which is not often enough). When Nikki from Flying Through Water mentionned it in one of her posts, I made a promise to re-post anybody I read that would also include it somewhere.

And Mrs Completely did just that today! I am so glad!!  If you don’t already know her, treat yourself, and pay her a visit!

Mrs Completely has a fabulous sense of humor, and taking a coffee with her (I cheat, I get myself some tea, or milk, or occasionally some wine, if I read her in the evening!) is always time well spent!

The woman lives with a Viking, need I say more??

Mrs, I am also happy you wrote this post, because reblogging it gives me the perfect excuse to post a picture I took, thinking about you, the other day!!  Here it is…



So here it is… The actual “shitoad” post! Not actually about “shitload”… But it has “shitload” in it! I promise!


Hey! How are you? It’s been a couple of weeks since we last had coffee. I couldn’t get my shit together last week which is nothing new to those who know me. I start one thing, get interrupted with something more important, get side tracked and then forget where I was with the first thing.…

via What Do You Mean It’s Not Your Birthday? — Mrs. Completely

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