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Flower Words…


She didn’t like my words,

my prose, it seems

so  tore the letters into tiny pieces,

she did,


Throwing  them to the breeze, changing into

the blackest of butterfly wings,

darkening the sky with rain, her tears fell down

upon her, when she saw

what she had done….


I took my pen, and licked it thus

and wrote upon a piece of meadow paper, with the birch

birds singing, while the waters rumbled in

the background, and gave me new hope,


I tore the pages so, with lovingly edges

not torn in anger, nor wanting the same,

the pieces drifted and fell upon the earth,

the place where we once held each other,



The pages sprouted flowers, everywhere I had

written Love,

and where I dotted the i-s and crossed all the

t-s, the rivulets ran

and nourished the beauty

and enticed you back

in the hope that I, that you, that we


That we,


And we sat down gently,

so as not to disturb, the prose that told stories,

of what we would do,

and where we would go,

and how it would be, writing

and we lay down on the meadow pages,

and listened to the words, blooming

the ones that were most special


My flower words to you….

One thought on “Flower Words…

  1. This is really beautiful. Your imagery is very vivid.
    Thanks so much for the note after the Oilers came, people were ecstatic! Especially after the last came. Putting the nail in the coffin at the end of the second, and the Oilers continueing to skate/shoot with even 3 minutes to go — just awesome hockey. Anyways, thanks for the note it made my night 🙂


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