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via Daily Prompt: Exposed



You… You came into her life, no notice, no invitation. Not willing to act like the masses, you bombed her fortress, dug through her walls, knocked down every door leading to her private quarters…

 She did throw herself in your arms, but she whispered a warning to your ear. Not to judge her upon her shining smile, to be aware that she was wrapped in darkness, and wore thorns and spikes…

As you lay your hands on her trembling body, peeling off the layers of pain, she weeped softly. But you kept stripping off the old fears, unbuttoning her sorrows with surprising easiness. Taking off every bad memory, and letting them fall heavily on the floor, as if she had worn a cloak made of lead.

She felt your doubts, when you wondered how she could have lived in such darkness. But you lulled her with your soothing voice, and convinced her to let your hands unlace the tight corset of regrets that had kept her from breathing for too long.

And what now?

When the last of her garments touches the ground, and she finally appears, in her naked truth. When she inhales a deep breath of life, the life you wanted her to have. Will you embrace her scarred figure and protect her from any more harm? Will you run away from her now free frail body and soul?

When she stands before you… Imperfect and exposed.

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