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Welcome back! – FFFC




She thought she had heard the SUV in the driveway, but she might have been wrong. It was getting longer to get through customs, and he had probably caught quite a bit of traffic on his way home. Just as she was about to almost pity him, the primal scream resonated outside, making the window panes vibrate.


She grinned, ready to see him storm in. Sitting neatly on the sofa facing the main entrance of their oppulent house, she wore her warmest smile, as he slammed the door open.

You evil woman!! How could you dare do this??

To make his point he held his beloved plush toys in her face. She half-feigned to be surprised, and raised her shoulders.

How long did you leave them outside, for Christ’s sake?

She pretended to count on her fingers, making sure to mention that it had rained quite a bit every other day while he was in Paris. He was devastated, and his over dramatic reaction was expected. She knew he cherished his teddies more than he should have. Of course they were his last souvenirs from his late parents, who had died in a car crash when he was just five years old, but still, it was scary. She wondered if he would cry….

I believe I took Mr Booboo out last Saturday…  She paused. Oh yeah, that’s it, just after I called to your room. 

He looked puzzled.

Oh right, you don’t know about that, I asked Vanessa not to tell you I called.

He mumbled a vague excuse about how she knew his assistant came to his room, every now and then, to work on their files.

Yeah, but I had forgotten about time zones, and I called you at 3h30 in the morning, Bradley!



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.




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