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FFF Challenge – Libraries



As a child, I spent countless hours at the library. It was practical, for a family on a budget… I could borrow many books, change them whenever I pleased. I could explore, try new genres, discover new authors. I soon fell in love with books. The feeling of my fingers running through the pages, the smell of the paper. Because of that, as a young adult, I started to prefer buying my books, so I could keep them, and revisit them at any time…

I still enjoy walking through a public library. But the one I prefer is my private collection!


Via Kate’s Friday Foto Fun Challenge:Β Libraries

5 thoughts on “FFF Challenge – Libraries

  1. I have started to use our libraries again because of the Tories saving on them. Many are in danger of being closed down (and have already been closed down) which I think is shameful for a rich country like the UK. They are a life line for many who have no laptop or computer and also for young ppl to learn and escape into the land of imagination. Going to the library has become an act of resistance. How sad is that? πŸ€”πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ


  2. My daughter has such a love for books that she has amassed a library of over 500. We always have to install more shelves in her small apartment to accommodate them all!


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