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It all started with a an unexpected spark…

As if our bodies were rocks, thrown randomly in the universe, not even aware of each other. Two anonymous stones, running in the cold darkness of routine, blinder than if our eyes had been ripped out of their orbits. And in that brief moment, when our shoulders rubbed ever so lightly, in the middle of that nebulous crowd, time hung still for a second. A glint cast its light, brighter than the sun, seen only by us. Revealing your face to me, and mine to you.

I silently appologized for slipping giggles on your pants, and you smeared your smile on my neck. Our colors blended, just long enough to take a breath in, of each others wildest dreams, and the lights went out again…

Now, tell me Love, how am I to go along as if the dullness of Life is enough to fill my days and my nights? How could I ignore this moment, though so brief, proof that happiness is no longer a myth? Should I even try to?

I’ll cloak myself in sorrow and nothingness, but inside… Inside this chance encounter spark has lit a thousand lampions. The flames dancing in unison, army of lighthouses boarding my coast, hoping to guide your gaze back into my arms, someday.

The years, the months, the weeks, the days can pass by. Seconds can run through my fingers, sands of the time lost longing for you. Others can mock my burning hope for what was just a glimpse of bliss. As long as the echo of your heart will resonate somewhere, somehow… Love will burn through my veins, and I’ll feverishly yearn for the grace of your lips on my forehead.

And if Life shall not grant me the simple pleasure of seeing my name dance on your lips someday, I’ll leave this world content to have forgotten never. In a soft whisper, I’ll expire with the promise of singing with your morning robins, and waltzing with the tall grass from the other side. If I ever find rest, I know it will be in your sweet embrace.

Longing for you, Love, is not a penance.

Longing for you is a priviledge.



Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge prompt: longing

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