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FFF Challenge – Same view different light

      One would think that you are stunning in the noonday sun… But when light hugs you, your beauty’s accessible to just anyone. I truly revel by your side in the pitch black darkness of night, When light comes from within you and your charm shines well beyond sight!       Via…… Continue reading FFF Challenge – Same view different light

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FFF Challenge – Libraries

  As a child, I spent countless hours at the library. It was practical, for a family on a budget… I could borrow many books, change them whenever I pleased. I could explore, try new genres, discover new authors. I soon fell in love with books. The feeling of my fingers running through the pages,…… Continue reading FFF Challenge – Libraries

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FFF Challenge – Dramatic

The king is dead, long live the king!   I captured this stump in Versailles’ Royal gardens… The picture doesn’t quite honor the impressive size of the dead tree. I sat there for a long while, in the warm sunset, wondering how many years it had stood there, before being put down. All the history…… Continue reading FFF Challenge – Dramatic

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FFF Challenge – Serious signs

Having spent most of the last three weeks in hospitals, I had plenty of time to take pictures of what could seem like serious signs… But sometimes, details about them just make you smile (well, they made me!) when you play closer attention. Here are 3 examples of these, with my personal thoughts about them.…… Continue reading FFF Challenge – Serious signs

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FFF Challenge – Entertainment

    Throw a log in, light up that smile… Let your eyes sparkle brighter even than the stars above us… Wrap your laughter around my shoulders! I need no more… No more, Darling! A secret whispered, lips to lips… Let the wine do the talking… I love yous sprinkled in the night like fireflies!…… Continue reading FFF Challenge – Entertainment