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I should warn you…

You won’t be able to unsee this. You are doomed.

For some reason, Easter is often associated with farm animals… Usually the cute little ones. Chicks, bunnies, sheep… In most cases turned into chocolates, of all sizes, but also stuffed animals.

I am weird (stating the obvious) and I have weird friends. Which explains that years ago I received this odd plush.


I used to be able to give it crossed eyes by shaking its head a bit, but my arm is hurting after long minutes of trying… So you’ll have to be satisfied with the “normal” looking, empty stare.

I’ve had this ugly goat for about twenty years. Still I wonder, what kind of parent would buy this to their child??

Come on!


Via today’s Daily Prompt:Β Warning

45 thoughts on “I should warn you…

    1. It is, indeed odd as can be! I think maybe Walmart did a mistake that year, and took out a Halloween box instead of an Easter one! LOL That sure could be a malefic goat! It looks possessed with the googly eyes πŸ˜›

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    1. Awww thank you so much!! I will be away from home tomorrow, and I’ll have my tablet with me. I’ll work on this and get back to you πŸ™‚ Thanks again for the nomination! xx

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    1. LOL it’s the only time I saw one! That year, Walmart was selling a whole collection of these ugly plushes. Ducks, chickens, sheep and goats. The goats were the ugliest by far… LOL Which is why my friend bought it for me. She knew I’d find her Easter gift hilarious LOL

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