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Fine Bouche…


Forgive me for
the long mise en place
my darling. You deserve
nothing but the best,
for this very fine dining…
You have fancy taste,
and there’s nothing
I wouldn’t do
to please your
whimsical palate.
the ostentatious ustensils,
you can eat
with your fingers.
The very thought of you
devouring me
gives me pleasing shivers.
Lying here, on a silver plate,
sultry feast for
your eyes only.
Wearing nothing but
my gingery smile…
I just hope
you’re a very hungry guy!




4 thoughts on “Fine Bouche…

  1. Shall I light the candles?
    A table for two?
    Is this more than a meal
    That you’re planning to do?
    Is it more than your soul
    You are choosing to bare?
    It’s fortunate that
    I like my meat rare

    Glad to be offered
    A seat at your table
    Prepared to be part of the menu
    If able
    Glad to fulfil
    Your particular fetish
    For I have to confess
    I am a bit peckish

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    1. Oh Brutus… How do you manage to pull something so spot on, no matter the subject? I really should have accepted that invitation to the Golden State 😉 If only to offer you a drink, hoping for a couple of live verses!


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