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Random Danish Memories…



I miss Denmark… Six months is such a long time, spent away from Vikingland!

I was going through my favorite pictures, and I thought I’d give you quick looks at some special spots all around the country.

The Rundetårn, with its 35 meters high observatory deck is a must in Copenhagen. The round tower stands in the middle of the city, and was built during the 17th century to provide the capital of Denmark with an astronomical observatory.

It is a perfect (and quite cheap) way to get an incredible view of the city from its very heart. And for people who hate climbing stairs, note that the Rundetårn has a helical corridor leading to the top of the tower… So you walk your way to its top!

You can also enjoy exhibitions, and visit the souvenir store…

To learn more about it, click here.


23 thoughts on “Random Danish Memories…

  1. Apparently my letters to Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Queen Margrethe II, requesting that you immediately be granted full citizenship to Denmark have not been effective. However, I shall not give up hoping and wishing that you someday be granted citizenship to the country you love so much.

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    1. Dear Biff (Biff Biff Biff Biff Biff) I really appreciate the efforts put in my project of becoming one of the (if not THE) first honorary citizens of the kingdom of Denmark!

      Be assured that when I’ll buy my house by the sea, I’ll have a guest room and you and Mrs Pow will always be welcome to visit 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      1. I can’t wait to see your tiara and scepter when you are finally awarded your citizenship!

        (P.S. Can I have a hot plate in my guest room? I like to make cheese toast in the morning.)

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  2. Love this place! Good memories when I lived in Copenhagen. Can’t say it was really an adventure as it was only an hour from where I’m from in Sweden.. 😉 Greetings from yo r fellow viking also missing home!

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    1. Hey… you had to cross the Øresund bridge… That’s something 🙂 Unless you traveled by a ferry? Or took a plane? 🙂 See, it was an adventure after all 😉

      On a serious note, where are you from, in Sweden? I am pretty sure you told me already, but I just can’t remember…


      1. Well, I’ve crossed that bridge and took the ferry so many times in my life I guess I don’t see at as an adventure anymore but you are right, it is! We should appreciate these things in life.
        I’m from the South, Helsingborg, so I see Denmark from the kitchen window.

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      2. Cool 🙂 So if I have any doubt, I’ll ask you to check out for me, to make sure it is still there 😛

        If someday, you look, and you see a silly girl waving back, with a backpack full of Canadian and Scandinavian sewn patches, don’t worry…. That’s just me 😛


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