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I don’t do selfies… (4)


But when I do, I make sure to do it with someone else, who can draw the attention away from my own face and/or compensate for my lack of prettiness!

My best friend is very good at both, and that’s in part why she has been my best friend for 30 years now!

This is shortly post-Leonard… You get “Surprise!” “Duck faces” “Pretty-but-blurry” and The last one represents our friendship well; Me doing silly (giving the ghost effect) and J giggling (the reverse also happens! Often!)

37 thoughts on “I don’t do selfies… (4)

    1. Oh, I am adorable… and super nice, and thoughtful (I think… at least, I try) πŸ™‚ I am just not the kind of girl guys spot in a crowd unless it is because I am wearing something ridiculous like baby-blue Hello Kitty ear-warmers!! LOL


    1. Mouahahhahaha you had me laughing out loud! See? I knew having J in the photos would steal the attention πŸ˜› Seriously, you people are way too kind πŸ™‚ *Huge hug*


  1. I use to hate to see myself in photos and then… I got photo booth equipment and camera equipment to offer it at my store, along with costumes etc. I had to practise using the photo booth to make sure I knew how to run it. Needless to say, when you don’t like how you look in photos, you have to take a lot to get any that you like to print off for samples. After a few hundred selphies in the photo booth I noticed the photos looked better after I had taken a few each time and became relaxed. Imagine, no one was there but me, yet I couldn’t relax. I practised not really caring how I looked in them and viola! They started to look better. A few thousand selphies later (lol) I am quite at ease, although I have to make sure my nose isn’t looking obviously crooked. The point here is, we think about it too much. Just be yourself. Practise selphies. Maybe I should do a post on this. Cute photos by the way.

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    1. Well, you must be a real selfie-master by now πŸ™‚ I think you should do that “how to” post! I think it would be interesting!!

      I don’t usually take selfies, not because I don’t like to look at myself… I really don’t mind how I look. But I don’t see the interest for me to have pictures of my own self… I much prefer taking pictures of others, or silly unusual stuff πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the kind comment πŸ™‚ Always a pleasure to read you!! xx

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      1. I’m the opposite, I hated seeing photos of myself so it was helpful in that way, to realize I’m not so bad looking after all. I definitely like taking photos of others more, but it certainly helped me in my lack of confidence. Win-win. lol! Thank you for responding!

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