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Cyranny’s jukebox…


Something special tonight.

I came back from work with an upset stomach (it doesn’t want to tell me what I’ve done wrong, so it is kind of difficult to make up to it). I had other plans than lying on the couch glancing at the bathroom door from time to time.

No worries, I’ll be fine in no time. I am never sick long enough to deserve to be pitied! LOL…

So I’ll leave you to discover something really different from anything you have in your latest playlist.

AquaSonic is a Danish band (yes!) and the first underwater ensemble so far! It took about ten years of experimentation to come to this, and I think it is pretty cool!

Let me know what you think about it…



No, seriously… Don’t pity me. It’s really not worth it!

10 thoughts on “Cyranny’s jukebox…

    1. It’s really worth listening to at leat once. It is so different and mysterious….

      Thank you for the get well wishes πŸ™‚ It is taking a litte more time than expected, but I should be back on track tomorrow, for sure! xx

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  1. WOW! Probably the most mesmerizing 9 minutes of this year for me. Very cool music, and what lung capacity! The funny thing is that I recently watched Guillermo del Toro’s film ‘The Shape of Water’ and thought THAT was cool.

    Now I’m going to practice singing underwater in the bathtub.

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    1. Hahahaha… As a child, I remember doing something like singing, underwater… I had heard whale singing on tv, and I tried to do the same. I spent sooooo much time underwater!

      Let me know how your training goes πŸ˜‰


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