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Wrecking ball…



Both hands on the wheel, foot to the floor, hair in the wind, an eye on the rearview mirror… I don’t even ask myself anymore. How do I do it? What is it about me, that makes things tumble like a house of cards?

Every time.

I know it can’t be love. Love doesn’t hurt. Love is the only reason I hold on. The hope to fix the bridge from your heart to mine. The paper thin hope you’ll love me again someday. Despite my wrecking ball ways. Despite my tendency to run into life like a bulldozer, leaving everything scattered behind me… Despite the fact that I’d rather runaway than glue back every single thing I break.

Running away… Still wishing this is not a dead end. Hoping I am not driving into a wall. Watching my cell phone, waiting for you to ask to come and pick you up. I’d give up everything to be near you again, you know… Would you runaway with me?

Maybe not… And maybe you shouldn’t…

In the meanwhile I’ll just keep both hands on the wheel… Foot to the floor. Running away from the wreck of the day.


#NovemberNotes2017 – Wreck of the day * Anna Nalick

In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring EulogiesRosema from A Reading Writer and Máh from Writing is my Pensieve.❤


9 thoughts on “Wrecking ball…

      1. Not the least bit! English is my second language, and I am far from fluent, I appreciate that you took the time to point out the mistake 🙂 Just proves you read the post carefully 🙂 xx

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