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10 excellent reasons not to…

… do house chores.

  1. Obvious: Freja told me not to do them. I listen to her, when her orders suit me. Or when doing what she wants allows me a couple extra sleeping hours.
  2. I’m on vacation. Vacations should be chore-free!
  3. The first episode of The Bachelor – New Zealand has just started. I mean, who’d want to miss out on a guy dating 20 totally awesome chicks to find true love???
  4.  Di, from Matters for the heart reminded me this morning that I had dust bunnies in my spam file (no… I would never compare any of your comments with dirt… I just really like the expression “dust bunnies”).
  5. I could draw myself a hot bath. Make that a bubble bath! Lavender scented, please! Oh, and I could get the wax out… And why not all those creams that every girl buys but that I never use? Oh yeah! Pampering day, baby!!
  6. Maybe I should update my Ipod’s playlist. No, not maybe… I need my latest favs to be added before I have to leave, thinking “dang! I knew I’d run out of time and forget this!!”
  7. There’s blue cheese in the fridge. Need I say more? Hmmm a grilled piece of bread, Danish blue cheese and a drop of honey… Chores can wait.
  8. I’d love a quick nap. Not that I am particularly tired… I am not. But I have the most vivid dreams when I nap in the afternoon.
  9. The weather is beautiful today… Blue sky, warm but not too hot. Perfect for a long walk. An afternoon long. I could eat downtown, go for a movie? Hmmm…
  10. Even if I put my mind to it… I really should make a list of the things I have to do first… I really really should.


So many things to do… So little time.

What are your best excuses, not to get chores done? (See? Just engaging a dialog, to have an 11th one! Clever me!)



7 thoughts on “10 excellent reasons not to…

  1. Well…
    1. I don’t want to.
    2. I can’t be bothered.
    3. The little one won’t let me
    4. The cat is sitting on me.
    5. Game of Thrones is on
    6. I’m lazy.
    7. I’m hungry.
    8. The bed is too comfy.
    9. Cyranny just posted a random list on WordPress.
    10. I really should be writing
    11. I’m easily distra…. Oh look a butterfly

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    1. Mouahahahahahahahahaha I really laughed out loud when I got to the last one!!

      I’m still thinking about it, and I figured, maybe I shouldn’t put everything back where it belongs… If I do the exact opposite (really make a mess), it might give the impression we’ve been robbed if people break in while I am away! That way, they’d just go on and rob my neighbour instead!

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  2. 1. the dust bunnies are weaning their children and can’t be disturbed.
    2. I still have a few clean dishes to use.
    3. the vacuum cleaner needs to be dusted before I can use it
    4. I don’t want to dust.
    5. there’s a swing on my front porch.
    6. I just downloaded five library books to read
    7. I need to catch up on my blogger buddies’ lives first.
    8. The dog ate my broom
    9. the dog wants to play.
    10. I was stalking Colin online again and have almost located Scotland on a map……
    not really. I know where Scotland is located. It just was filler for this listing.

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    1. Mouahahahahahaha 2 and 3 are my favorites by far… I’ve actually been using the broom just because I can’t remember where I’ve put the exta bags for my vacuum cleaner LOL

      I think we should travel to Scotland together! For one, it’d be a whole lot of fun (for us, maybe a tad annoying for the rest of the plane, but what will they do? Throw us off the plane??) and that way, we can corner him when we get there!! 😉


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