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Or more the lack of.

It seems like I have a thousand things to do. And I want to do them. But my brain is in a weird “you’re on vacation” mode, and I feel like nothing is getting done.

Is is not totally my fault, though. Not that I am looking for excuses, but… Miss Freja, who is not the cuddliest kitten, is starting to understand that something is going on. I wouldn’t say she knows we’re leaving town, but she has been acting oddly for the past couple of days. And right this moment…




The minute I sat with my tablet to answer a couple of comments, she jumped on the couch and has been watching everything I do, since. She has let me pet her, and licked my fingers for a couple of minutes, which is an amazing display of affection, coming from her!

Now I have those two wide eyes staring at me, and I wouldn’t dare get off the couch. Who knows when she’ll do this again.

Ok.. It is the lamest excuse not to be scrubbing the bathroom sink!


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