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Lucky Friday…

I am a bit crazy on the side… But I like to think it is a sweet side of me.

I enjoy sharing in unusual ways, and I had an idea. Now, I don’t know how it could be illegal in anyway. I think I can give my money to whoever I choose, but if anyone has information saying otherwise, please let me know!

I was out to do some shopping, and I decided to take a lottery ticket because, well, you never know, right? And as I approached the counter, I had a thought for you Lovelies. So, I bought my ticket, and I bought one for The Cove!




Now, I know some people could be negative and think “Oh look at her, trying to get “likes” with a lottery ticket!” But I know you Lovelies aren’t like that!

I am aware the odds are against us, but hey! Who knows?

Personally, when I buy a lottery ticket, it is to dream about what I’d do with the money, if I did, indeed, win. I imagine myself, somewhere in Denmark (of course), working on my writing… I imagine treating my family and friends… I imagine what life would/could be like, and although I haven’t won much yet, I enjoy that daydreaming time.

So… Who would like to dream with me?

Just leave me a little note, tell me what you’d like to do if we won together.

I’ll go get the ticket validated tomorrow, and I’ll post the results. The draw takes place tonight, and the jackpot is at 23 000 000 Canadian dollars.

And just in case you wouldn’t trust me, you can check the results yourself, here.

Who’s in? This could be our lucky Friday!!  😉



6 thoughts on “Lucky Friday…

  1. 23,000,000? I don’t know what that is in US dollars, but it would be enough for me to set up a trust for public schools to provide the supplies our government deems unnecessary. Things like books, bathroom stall doors, working plumbing, art, sports, and music. I’d set aside about $5 million for myself, friends and family support.

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    1. It is approx. 18 000 000 US$… You’d probably be a little short for all your projects, unless you decide to help a specific state, or a couple of them… Very honorable way to spend easy money 🙂

      I always dreamt about taking a part of my winning money, and dividing it in many checks, to help a whole bunch of charities… instead of giving a big amount of money to only one….

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      1. That’s a good idea as well. Spread the wealth. You could stand on a busy street and hand strangers money. I like that one.

        I also thought about buying an abandoned military base and rehab it to house homeless people. Think of all the people who would be employed maintaining the base, and all the homeless who would now have a free home. A new sort of homeless city.

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      2. Good luck with your ticket! I think it’s wonderful that you would like to share the wealth as well.

        I’m am familiar with Christiana as a ‘Hippie Commune’, never realizing that they were living there free. Fabulous that this has happened and worked for so long. In the US I think it would’ve been inundated with people looking for a ‘free ride.’ I’ll have to read more about it, see how it has worked for all these years.

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      3. We haven’t won anything… Tough luck, hehehehe…

        I visited Christiania twice, and it is truly amazing to see how people are organized, and structured… I think it got a bad impression because of the fact that soft drugs are tolerated, and a lot of people benefit from that.

        I have doubts too, that it would work in North America, but I like the idea 🙂

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