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This one requires a little explanation…

Aphids are tiny tiny insects that feed off plants’ sap. Sap contains mostly water and glucose. So, in order to get all the proteins they need to survive, aphids suck the sap, and quickly filter the proteins, getting rid of the sugary water. They litterally poo a sweet liquid that the ants love.

Because of that, ants protect and take care of aphids… And they kind of “milk” them.

Making them the tiniest cows, to my knowledge.

Why do I know that? I wonder… I know all kinds of weird things like that. Probably something I read as a child. I read constantly about every and any living thing…


P.S. Special thanks to Colin from Scottish Legends for his help… Who helped me have access to my pictures again… Pfeww.  *hugs* Scottish Giant!


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