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B like brief… (the A to Z Challenge)



I did hear the muffled laughter in the back! I know it sounds impossible.

I have been fighting with Twitter since it arrived on the net. What?? 140 characters max? Why limit speech that much? I just don’t get it! Using abreviations to make a thought fit this incredibly restraining blue bird app? I don’t think so…

My thoughts need space. My thoughts need to spread… I don’t know how to be brief!

I will have to limit myself tonight even if it looks like a lost cause already. I worked from 8h am to 3h30 pm and then ran to pick up my bestfriend who had driven from Trois-Rivières to Montréal for a flash girls night out in town.

We had a colorfull drink, a more than generous smoked meat meal and a great deal of giggles…  We walked around, shared thoughts, ended up sitting in my favorite terrace, and had a little beer before dropping her at the bus station after a few hugs and promises to do this again soon!

Now home, it is 10h45 pm, and I don’t really have time to twist and turn my thoughts to offer you a witty “brief” post for my “B day” challenge.


I guess I should stop this post right now, keeping it as brief as possible. Proving I can publish articles under 750 words. I could… I should…

I wanted to leave you a few pictures… but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, thus ruining my attempt to reduce my post to the minimum.

Another failure…


8 thoughts on “B like brief… (the A to Z Challenge)

  1. Great little ‘brief’ post. I was consistently publishing 800/900 word posts, until I was challenged to try a 100-word Flash Fiction. At first, I didn’t think I could do it, but recently published my 104th.
    I decided to try the April A to Z Challenge by posting every two weeks, stretching it to a full year. I’d be interested to know how you got to August, and are only up to B. 😕

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  2. Hi there, Grumpy Old Dude 😉 (you said it… I’d never dare welcome new visitors like that LOL)

    I wasn’t aware the A to Z Challenge had taken place in April… I read about it through a friend’s blog, and since I was looking for a way to challenge myself, I just decided August would be a nice month to revise my alphabet! I guess August is the new April! 😉

    I’d have to try the 100 words Flash Fiction post challenge… That looks impossible, I only manage to make short posts on Fridays, when I give micro-poetry a chance!

    Thank you for visiting, and for your kind words, I’ll look forward to see you and your kitty again!

    P.S. It is an honor to have caught the eye of a Mensa mayfly… 😉

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    1. Thank you for your visit Deborah!

      I am de most not-by-the-book Blogger in town… So I don’t get all the “rules” of the game yet. I knew there were some timed challenges, so people could try the same at the same time, but I go pretty much as I please, here 😉

      Welcome into my rule-free Cove…

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