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A like love… (the A to Z Challenge)



What? First post of the challenge and you’re already arguing my choice of words? Ok, ok, I’ll give it to you, “love” doesn’t start with an “A”. But “amour” does, and love is a French thing! I should know, French is my mother tongue.

Every language has its good and bad sides, and each one is worth being spoken. Every language has words to express love, but I doubt anyone can outbeat French when it comes to being romantic and expressing love…

I might be biased, it wouldn’t be my first time.

Pardonne mes lèvres, elles trouvent du plaisir dans les endroits les plus inattendus…

(litterally “Excuse my lips, they find pleasure in the most unexpected places…”)

The French version is much sexier, especially if you add a nice English accent like in the movie “A Good Year” from which the quote comes.

What do I know about love?  Good question…


What is love? (Haddaway)

Love hurts… (Nazareth)

Love bites… (Def Leppard)

All you need is love (The Beatles)


Love is a paradox… Maybe the greatest there is. It hurts, but you just have to experience it at least one time in your life. I had the luck to live very different kinds of love…

I’ve had the first time, puppy love… The kind that makes you feel like it’s going to be forever just because you’re so young and innocent.

I’ve had the long distance love…. The kind that brings the creativity out of you, because you can spend so little time together.

I’ve had the going to the alter love… The kind that persuades you that you’ve met your match, unless you get dropped a few months before walking the aisle, like me!

I’ve had the comfortable kind of love… The kind that fits like good old slippers, that allows you to fart in your better half’s presence knowing he’ll just find it funny.

And I’ve had the burning, passionate intellectual love… The kind that relies only on words, or mostly. I must say that it is one of my favorite, because intelligence is soooo sexy. And because it breaks all barriers.


I was wrong to choose Amour as my first theme…  It is way too wide. Beginner’s failure, I guess.

I’ll leave it to that today… But feel free to comment with your favorite love quotes, stories, or anecdotes 🙂

I’ll do better tomorrow…. Maybe?



20 thoughts on “A like love… (the A to Z Challenge)

  1. Hi Cyranny’s Cove,
    I met you on Lucky Otter Haven”s blog. You mentioned you are a new blogger. I help new bloggers at my site. For example, each month I have 10 networking events where you could come and meet other bloggers. This Saturday, I am having a big blog party. I encourage you to subscribe to get notification of the party and my other events. Many people meet new readers there.
    In response to what you wrote, I thought it was creative how you tweaked “love”, so it started with an “A”. I was in France last year.


    1. Hi there Janice,

      Thanks for the tips… I did subscribe, looking forward to attend your Blogging parties and events 🙂 I’ve been Blogging for about 8 months, but unlike most Bloggers, I just do it for fun, and I have no “Blog direction”… I just write what’s on my mind, hoping that it will entertain, move, and maybe someday help someone.

      I hope you enjoyed your visit in my Cove 🙂



  2. Oh I love this! I think you did a very good job at sharing about Amour. ❤ Reading this helped me to get to know you, and my heart is full of affectionate caring. Thank you for sharing!! Blessings to you and all the ways that you love — Debbie
    ps – that French quote is completely magnificent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Debbie 🙂

      I am glad you enjoyed this one… And very glad to see you around The Cove every now and then 🙂 I first heard of you reading Nikki’s blog and I know that many bloggers I like a lot have great respect for your work! I have been a bit behind schedule in my readings lately, busy preparing for an up coming trip, but I’ve read several of your posts, and you inspire me a lot with your forgiving look on life… I often think about you and your vision when facing negative events in my life… Working on it, but your words are changing the way I see things 🙂 Thanks a lot for all the positive energy!

      Have a great weekend, *love*


  3. Cyranny, great post on the only thing in life that really matters….you are much to hard on yourself on this one as “Love never fails”! ❤️
    And thanks you following my blog! Much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

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