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26_Fallen Angel_unknown


I am sorry I fell. So sorry… Others would say that’s what you wanted, but I know it ain’t so. You always wanted me to be strong, and stand straight and tall, and take the blows… One by one, without a twitch… As you would hit on me knowing exactly how to punch to numb me. You knew exactly which words to use to get to me, and you did pick them just perfectly for your own deeds.

I am sorry I fell. So sorry… I tried my best not to. I focused, took myself away to a secure place in my mind, where you couldn’t get to me, but you always ended up popping in my thoughts, ruining my efforts, taking me back to ground zero. And when you looked at me one more time, with that intense look in your eyes, and that content smirk, I failed you…

I am sorry I fell. So sorry… I put a knee down, against your will. I disappointed you, with my weakness. I wish I had stayed stong, fighting back when you hit on me, time and time again… I wish I had talked back, like you wanted me to, although you probably just would have fought harder. I’m so sorry that I fell…

Sorry I fell for you… Totally.



Post for today’s Daily Prompt, Apology.



3 thoughts on “Undskyld…

  1. Was that it? One word prompt and one blog? Why not call it, new category: One blog! period. Next Category. One blog + one more. Then the next one. One blog + where is my cheese. Then the next one after that, One blog then 2 more. Two more cheeses? Too more blogs. Too many blogs. One blog plus one cheese too many. Too many blogs without cheese. I’m sad about the cheese, but not the blogs……


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