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Spicing things up…

It’s been a while, since I last talked about Greenland, which does not mean that I gave up wanting to add its flag to my collection. Not even close. If you are not a regular in The Cove, you have to know that I don’t make a big fuss about my blog’s statistics. I do…… Continue reading Spicing things up…

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She dared me…

  It is not my fault. I got dared. And everybody knows I can’t pass on a good challenge. But let’s begin from the start. Every Christmas, my bestfriend J and I make sure to book an evening together. We share a great meal, open a bottle of Pinot Noir, exchange gifts, and spend quality…… Continue reading She dared me…

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Go garden!… (day 22)

I wanted to do a 3 weeks follow up yesterday, but I had a lot to do, and when I finally got to it, the sun had set and the garden was in bed. Yes, a garden sleeps! Don’t wonder why your indoor plants always end up dying if you didn’t know that! We all…… Continue reading Go garden!… (day 22)

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Go garden!…

My seeds have been sitting on the side of the window, and I have been cheering them ever since…  See the original post here! Day 5… Roll the drums! Thyme has taken a clear lead, shyly followed by lettuce… You can still place your bets!   Grow! Grow! Grow!

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Go garden!

I love growing things…  It is magical to see the little leaves pointing out of the soil, and getting bigger and bigger as the days go by and the temperature gets warmer outside… Because of my trip to Denmark, I didn’t make my balcony garden last year. But today, I got my little kit ready,…… Continue reading Go garden!

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Around the World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamDonkey and #TeamElephant updates

  Jack has spent a great day in Enid, and is now on his way to Kentucky. And Mr Elephant is now in Tucson!!  If you want to follow the whereabouts of our little friends, visit the official Race’s page:

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World(press) Amazing Race!

The official page for the updated Around the World(press) Amazing Race is ready. Visit it to stay aware of the whereabouts of each cute animals 🙂     The Around the Word(press) Amazing Race is on since January 5th. The idea came to me when I made those 9 little Critters with my bestfriend. Yes,…… Continue reading World(press) Amazing Race!

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Inspiration race…

  I don’t like thinking “what if…?” and not trying… When I hit my first hundredth readers  (well, not “hit” them, more like “reached” that point, I really am not an agressive person, don’t worry) I remember thinking about the big 150, and quite frankly, it seemed totally out of reach. I kept doing my…… Continue reading Inspiration race…