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Inspiration race…


I don’t like thinking “what if…?” and not trying…

When I hit my first hundredth readers  (well, not “hit” them, more like “reached” that point, I really am not an agressive person, don’t worry) I remember thinking about the big 150, and quite frankly, it seemed totally out of reach.

I kept doing my thing, and putting on my pink goggles, I thought “Hey, you should celebrate the Big 150, if you ever get there!”

But what crazy project could I challenge myself into?

I brainstormed for a while, and came up with a fun idea (at least it is for me lol). Since Blogging is all about being inspired, I thought I’d try writing to 5 famous people that inspire me.

Kind of a race. “Who’s going to contact me back first?”

I know the answer you are itching to write back is… None of them, you looney! And I perfectly agree with you. The odds are pretty slim to none that I’ll never hear about those 5 letters anymore. But…

But What if?? What if I get one answer? What if I get 2? What if I am incredibly lucky and all 5 of them lead to a come back of some sort???

Wouldn’t that be just dang great?

So here are the 5 people I chose;

Mads Mikkelsen (ok… I know. Obvious choice, even if I have been pretty good at not bothering people in the Cove with him lately lol) – Denmark

Jonas Bjerre (Yeah, you’ve seen him mentionned here and there too eh?… What can I say, there’s something about those Danes) – Also Denmark

Garrison Keillor (Although I wish I knew more of his work, but I have good reasons to pick him) – United States of America (but was married to a Dane lol)

Hugh Laurie (I have seen the man on stage, not just on tv. He is unbeleivable!) – United Kingdom

Amélie Nothomb (least but not the least… As someone I know would put it; my.favorite.writer.ever! When I grow up, I wanna be just like her! ) – Belgium


I’ll work on my letters, and I give myself a week before I send them, all at once. Two rules: 1) No longer than one page (hell in sight, good thing I started practicing writing 100 max posts) and 2) Hand written (Because hand writing rocks! It just does!)

And one more dream on its way… One!




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