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She dared me…



It is not my fault. I got dared.

And everybody knows I can’t pass on a good challenge. But let’s begin from the start.

Every Christmas, my bestfriend J and I make sure to book an evening together. We share a great meal, open a bottle of Pinot Noir, exchange gifts, and spend quality time together.

As you might remember, J and I traveled to Denmark together in February of 2017, after I had bought a pair of tickets for a Mew concert in Copenhagen. It was a bit crazy, since winter is not the best time to go to Denmark, when you visit for the first time. But we had a total blast!

J also traveled to Brooklyn, New York with me for a second concert, last fall. She fell in love with the band, which brings me back to our recent Christmas supper.

One of my gifts to J was the recording of the show we attended in Copenhagen. She put the CD on while we kept chatting. It was a bit like re-living the show and after a couple of songs, she said “I gotta get myself more albums!!”

So we started shopping online, and ended up ordering four CDs from a major music store, here in Quebec. When the confirmation popped in J’s inbox, our jaws dropped. The estimated date the store wouldย sendย the parcel is April 19th 2019!!

Come on!

Meaning that we might not get our CDs anytime before June of next year. It just seemed absurd.

My reflex was to say that I would probably have time to get a Mew album from a store in Montreal, send it to Denmark, have it autographed and sent back, and it still would be faster than the store’s delivery.

And of course, J’s response to that wasย “I dare you!”

So, basically, I have four to five months to get a Mew album autographed by one of the band’s members. And since I don’t take bets lightly, I started looking for the most probable way I could achieve my new silly goal.

I already wrote to Jonas’ management team through the lead singer’s website. I did make a long story short, and I mentionned it wasn’t a joke. Now, I know that with the holiday season going on, it might take some time before someone reads my message. And then, depending on the reader’s sense of humor, my request just might be tossed away. I hope I’ll get a polite note if that’s what happens. At least I’ll know it is time to try some other way.

Because I won’t quit. Not until I get my autographed album from Denmark… Or these CDs get delivered to J’s door.

Quitting is not an option.




15 thoughts on “She dared me…

    1. Mouahahahahaha you gave me a good laugh, Brutu, thanks for that! I’d probably get away with it, but it wouldn’t be as much fun! You just got me thinking, though, that I could consider going to Denmark to get the album in person… That would be quite a win-win solution, wouldn’t you say?


      1. True ๐Ÿ™‚ 15 months away from Denmark is good enough a reason in itself, but I enjoy having a silly reason to give people when I get asked why I am going back… hehehehe


      2. I really have seen a fair bit of the planet. But not all of it. I was invited to Copenhagen a few months ago to lend a hand flogging some wine … but the stars, at that moment, were not aligned.
        I may never get there. You might have to do it for me.
        How many excuses do you need?


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