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My trips to the woodz!

  Momz and Dadz don’t usually take me with them when they go on tripz. Especially Momz, who went to the Denmarkz many time without me. They alwayz tell me itz for my own goodz, because I am such a princess and all! This time, though, when they packed their big bags of things and put…… Continue reading My trips to the woodz!

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I iz there… MUM!

  Freja came to sit on the sofa the other day. The furball is far from the cuddly kind, and since there had been no treats involved, I figured she had something important to discuss, or just didn’t want me to stretch my legs (the latter being much more likely). Mum… Why you not talk…… Continue reading I iz there… MUM!

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Some people jump out of an airplane to get an adrenaline rush! A parachute jump costs about 300$ and you have to throw in an extra 100$ to 200$ to get a video and pictures of your experience. Give me 100$, and I’ll let you hold Freja, while the vet is trying to poke her…… Continue reading Adrenaline…

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No, no Mum… I iz not sick!

Freja is not a big fan of me. Unless I have food in my hands. Or treats. Or when I clean her litterbox, or fill her water. The rest of the time, I am of almost no interest at all, for the furry ball. I take that back. Asleep-me seems entertaining to her too. But…… Continue reading No, no Mum… I iz not sick!

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I want to be a cat…

Now! I want to be a fluffy ball, to spend my free time on the couch… I want to nap whenever I wish to, to be told I am the cutest everyday, to get away with every silly thing I do… I want to be pet on the belly, but just when it pleases me.…… Continue reading I want to be a cat…