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Two (green) thumbs up!



I am currently enjoying a ten days much needed vacation.

I had booked this week back in March, thinking ”we’re nowhere close to a time when we’ll even consider traverling outside the country, so why not take a couple of days during summer, just for the heck of it?” And with work having been absolutely hectic the last months, it is the best decision I made in a long time.

Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing useful. Then again, I got up just before noon, so by the time I was completely awake and fonctional, it was almost dinner time, and then the day was already coming to an end.

Today I rose from my bed at a reasonable time, and I remembered that I had a whole lot to do in my mini garden. We’ve had an exceptionally warm spring, and everything I planted has been growing beautifully (thanks to Chéri who’s watering my babies every evening, while I’m lazying out on the couch). Unfortunately, everything I didn’t plant, has been growing too. For weeks. As you can see on the above picture (can you spot the chili pepper plant in the middle of all the wild grass??).

It was time to take care of that.

I love gardening. I know I do, but I sometimes have to kick myself in the butt to start doing it. Luckily, I have a very professional supervisor. Who won’t come past the fly screen (because, you know… there are flies, and wasps and all kinds of bugs outside, and ewwwww, who wants to deal with that??)




A little while later, my chili pepper plant was free of all of its invaders. It’s probably just me, but I thought its flowers already seemed to be doing better…. Moving on to….




My tomato plants. Chéri actually mocked me, asking if I thought I could find them amongst all the unwanted greenies that had decided to squat my two pots. You know what?




The last laugh’s on you, Chéri because not only did I find them, but they are doing really well!




I then decluthered my rosemary, mint and coriander plants. And it was time to try the last gadget I bought for my little garden. Now, I am no professional gardener, but I think this is just fabulous! One-Wrap is a roll of simple velcro tape that you can cut to the lenght you need, to tie climbing plants to poles. It makes it easy to reposition branches as your plant grows.




I will use my One-Wrap with the tomato plants when they get big enough, but the first one to test it was my cantaloup plant. Why cantaloups, you might wonder? Yeah, I never would have thought about growing melons on my balcony either, but the plant was given to me by the company that I buy my fruit and vegetables from.




Judging from the cute little yellow flowers, we just might get mini melons. Who knows?

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