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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you own your home, or do you rent it?



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13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Uhm, it’s complicated. I own a home, but it’s not the place I live in most of the time. After all, I live in a care facility and co-own the house my husband lives in.


  2. Renting currently. I don’t normally pay for accommodation at all. But this time round, the accommodation is very fancy and in one of the most expensive pockets of London, and I don’t do much for my landlords. So we agreed that I would pay a small amount of rent. Apparently when they had it valued, they could have charged normal tenants over five times as much as I pay. Only, I am here on the understanding that if they are away I will be responsible for their property etc. So it is a form of tied accommodation. Normally tied accommodation has been rent free or they have paid me for services. But this time round, they don’t need much, so it seemed fair for me to pay rent considering where I live and how beautiful my nest is.


  3. I’ve been blessed to own! There is nothing quite like owning your own “Castle” no matter how humble compared to others! It’s quite a wonderful feeling to be able to say, “This is mine!!!” 😍😍
    Well, until there are some repairs that need to be made to appliances and such and then the job becomes yours! The Motto at home is – “It’s always something!” But then I happily remember, yes, but it’s mine!


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