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They’re so cute…



Until they go for your throat.

I learnt that the hard way at arount 5 o’clock AM, on Saturday morning.

I was enjoying a nice eventless night, when a loud noise woke me up. To my still sleepy-self, it seemed as if half of our apartment had been blown to smithereens, but I knew I was probably exagerating. I picked up my glasses, and walked carefully in the dark.

I inspected the living room closely, looking for anything that could have caused the havoc.

The only thing that seemed to have moved, was a small device we use to disinfect small objects with UV light. It was lying on the floor when it used to be on a shelf. Everything else was where it was it was supposed to be, to the exception of Freja, who was missing.

I got worried for her. Maybe the device had attacked her, and she was hiding and hurt somewhere in the apartment. I never even considered it could be a trap. So foolish of me. I checked every known Freja’s-hiding-places, and found her in a bookcase. She had a really dark look in her eyes (then again, it was 5 AM, so everything was pretty dark)…

Before I knew it, I was badly injured.

You doubt me?

Judge by yourself!



Ok… No so severed foot. But still.



Relatively severed knee… Not too bad? I still have to agree.



”Pretty” severed wrist. 


By then, I thought she was trying to make pretend I had slashed my wrists… And I am sure it would have worked, if it had been her true intention.

The thing is, she probably got caught in the UV devices’ cord, and got really scared when it fell on her. She went hiding nto the bookcase, and when I tried to pick her up, to check if she was hurt, she just disagreed with my motherly intentions. I was eager to go back to bed, and she wasn’t ready to get picked up.

She didn’t want to kill me… Yet. It was all my fault. But it still hurts.

10 thoughts on “They’re so cute…

  1. I had a pet and home care business in the 90s. No problem until this one cat. I sat down and offered my lap for a cuddle. She just sat directly in front of me with a scary look, then jumped up snd bit me in the thigh. I was lucky to push her off before she could do it a second time. I left and let my worker do the rest of the visits – she had cats of her own. I prefer dogs ☺️

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  2. Oh poor Freja and poor you! I still have a scar from my first cat when I was thirteen. I was carrying her to the car after we’d adopted her from the vet’s and a truck drove by, spooking her and scratching the hell out of my arm! But I loved her so much that I forgave her, and I know you forgive Freja too:-)


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