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Mum! I haz a new house!



Not like the doctor, in the tivi.

We watch him almost every night, well… Mum and Dad do, I don’t really care. But Mum really likes him, as a matter of fact, she had a dream about him last night! Yeah, she made me promise not to tell anyones, but you know, she talks about me a whole lot, and I’ve never given her the permission. So I guess we’re even now!

And if she was just telling people stuff about me, it wouldn’t be so bad. But no… She keeps following me around the apartment, pointing at me with the little black thing she carries everywhere, asking me to stand still, and to look at her. I found out that she was taking pictures and videos of me that she puts on the Internets. I was fine with her Instagramz thing, but now, she’s making fun of me on the TikTokz, and that’s not fair! (pretending I’m not an angel, mocking me when I can’t have extra treats, and even worse… Using a silly voice to make people think I don’t like to be petted. Ok, I don’t like it, but that’s still very rude!)

Things used to be great…

When I was just a kitten, Mum and Dad used to leave for a good part of the day. I could lay for a nap pretty much anywhere I wished to. I could climb on the kitchen table, scratch my claws on Mumz favorite armchair, and enjoy the stillness of our home.

But since the tivi started talking about the conora.. coronu…carono… the weird bug that is apparently spreading, they have stopped going out, almost overnight. They spend all their time here, and that is incredibly annoying.

I did try to make the most out of it. I really did. I taught Mom and Dad new tricks, made new rules, so I could have access to both balconies whenever I please (that’s really nice). I made some compromises… I’ve let them pet me when they seemed sad, or bored.

But in the end, spending all this time all together is a bit of a downer…

And I thought that I needed a place of my own. Some cat privacy. I was on a mission!

I inspected all the rooms, hoping I would find a shelf I had never jumped on, or a piece of furniture I had not hidden under, yet. When I walked into the bathroom, I had a surprise waiting for me.

I had never really paid attention to the two big yellowish boxes in there. Mom and Dad put clothes in them every couple of days. Then the boxes make very scary noises for what seems like forever, and then, Mom and Dad take the clothes out. I really don’t see the point.

But, today, the door was left open, and what I found was amazing! A house, inside our house! Just the right size for me, with warm clothes to sit on.

Absolutely purrfect!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find the way to turn the light off… I could use a little nap.

And MOOOOOM, take that away from my face! NO! I will not stand still!! If you want a picture for your blogz, you’ll have to use a blurry one.

5 thoughts on “Mum! I haz a new house!

  1. Hi! This is Woody the cat here. I understand xactly why you need your own space. I have a nice apartment on the top of the kitchen cupboards. The Humans are not tall enough to reach me to I can be as private as I want to be. I hear you about this vyerus thing. I’m so over it. Anyway nice to meet you.

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