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Mysterious middle…

A couple of weeks back, the Fabulous Trina and I went head to head in the Name all 50 of the USA States Challenge. If you’d like to see how that went, just click here.

I was impressed with myself, because I honestly thought that my memory wasn’t all that good. Surprise, surprise, I got fourty eight out of the fifty right, which was way more than I expected to remember.

Trina and I decided to go for a second round, and name all thirteen countries in South America, and (with a little luck) place them on a blank map. Again, my results proved that I knew more about that part of the world than I would have imagined.

This week, we’re doing Central America, and I had a feeling my lucky streak was over.

It didn’t begin well. I didn’t know how many countries there were in Central America, and I obviously couldn’t Google the list. So I searched for a blank map, and got puzzled when I noticed that depending on the maps, there were 7, 8, 9 or even 10 countries. Come on, Central America! Focus!! How do you want us to play the game if you can’t agree on how many countries you’re made of?

I decided to pick the easiest option, and we’ll say there are only seven different nations squeezed in between the North, and the South.

Mexico was the only obvious one.

Trina had given me Panama (thank you, Fabulous!).

Last weeks I struggled because for some reason, I am really mixed up between Venezuela, Guatemala and Nicaragua. I now know that Venezuela is in South America, so the other two joined the list.

Last but not least, Belized popped from the back of my mind.

Five out of seven… Not too bad.

I Googled the list of countries, and it seems like I forgot Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador. I don’t know how good your mathematic skills are, but in my book, five plus three equals eight, and not seven! That meant that I would have to oust one entire country from the continent. I decided to keep my first five, and since El Salvador feels like the smallest country of the remaining three… Well, sorry El Salvador, you are out! I suggest swimming to the East, and joining the Caribbean Islands.

So here’s my map (I want to appologize in advance to my Central American readers… Because, this is going to hurt!)


  1. Belize
  2. Mexico
  3. Honduras
  4. Guatemala
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Costa Rica
  7. Panama

Ok, first of all, I just learnt that Mexico AND Greenland are parts on North America. Whuuuut? Since when? (Ok, probably for a long time – I’m not checking, my self esteem took enough of a blow already, I mean… I live in North America. *Ugh* And yes, Trina, I can hear your giggles from here!)

So, that explains why I didn’t get Guatemala’s spot right. And since I pushed Guatemala into Honduras, I had to move Honduras into El Salvador (and we all know where El Savador is heading to, now).

All in all, four out of seven isn’t that bad. But I am very disappointed to think that up to this day, I didn’t know my own continent.

Next week, we’ll play with Western Europe. That should be a lot of fun. You can join in, if you’d like to test your geographical knowledge! Just make sure to visit her blog to get all the details.

You wonder where that whole thing started?

My friend Trina is an amazing woman with many great talents. But her geographical skills are, hmmmm, a little picasso-esque. It has become a running gag during our Skypy Friday sessions, and when I have a conversation with her, and we convinced her to entertain the Bloggosphere with her own artistic way of seeing a world map.

Here is the list of her first posts on the subject…

Where in the world: Canada

Where in the world: USA

Where in the world: Nunavut

Where in the world: Indiana

Where in the world: South America

Where in the world: Chile

12 thoughts on “Mysterious middle…

  1. I’ll take a shot at it from here…if the rules allow? 😊

    1) Belize
    2) Guatamala
    3) El Salvador
    4) Nicaragua
    5) Honduras
    6) Costa Rica
    7) Panama

    Things are getting tougher now. What’s next? Africa?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha…way to go! I flip-flopped Honduras and Nicaragua three times before letting it ride. I did that on an 8th grade history test and cost myself a perfect score. Looks like I didn’t learn to go with my first choice. See ya in Europe. 8>{)))) <—- this is me laughing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I read your Mexico and started to the time you threw out El Salvidore I was snorting and tears running down my face. I adore you!


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