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Hello to you…


Hello to you!
Did you ever know that
You are in the
Middle of my mind?
Just a blurry
A dancing silhouette in
The setting sun…
Tickling the back of
My head,
When I’m happy
When I feel down…
No longer here,
Yet you never left me
My empty arm still
Embrace you ghostly…
I wish I had met you
I wish I had been
A better lover…
But I don’t regret
Because now, it is
Me you are haunting…
Hello to you!
I could never figure out
Why you were
So hard to find.

This morning, I came across this song from Tom Rosenthal,  a UK artist I just love. The tune and Tom’s angelic voice just stuck in the back of my mind all day long. I just had to write something (somewhat) relating to it. Let just say that my humble poem was inspired by the melancholic lullaby. I hope you’ll enjoy one or the other… Or even better, both 🙂

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