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Blurry… – FFFC




She had been holding the picture for a while now, and her lack of reaction spoke loudly.

He thought about pleading the uniqueness of the shot, the very artistic angle one could see in it. But he still had a will to live, so he settled with just shutting up, and letting her have it her way.

Funny how he thought it wouldn’t be that bad, right until when he had to pull the picture from his bag.

It had been a fun trip. Who would have thought that he would someday fly to London with his three bestfriends, and spend two weeks of total freedom, acting like the teenagers they once had been? 

Jonathan had bought the tickets for the show, and after one too many beers, during one of their poker late evenings, the guys had all agreed to make the trip, underestimating the amount of dealing they would have to go through.

But it was all worth the while, and they had had a great deal of fun, even if their sightseeing had been reduced to hunting the best pubs around London, and sleeping late in their fabulous downtown Airbnb flat.


He had hoped she would let this one slip… Apparently not.

I shouldn’t be surprised, you self centered bastard. I never should have let you go. 

He didn’t say it out loud, but to his defense, he had waken up really early on the last day of their trip, to hop on a bus and catch that shot before he had to run to the airport with the guys… It was UK for Christ’s sake, and he didn’t control the weather, after all…

What’s the only thing I asked for, Nick?

He bowed his head down, hoping it would help.

A picture of Big Ben.


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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