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The sign… – FFFC




It had been days now. Days of terror, living with an unknown threat.

At first, the whole village had tried to keep things going, probably hoping that the fury would stop just as it had begun. Overnight, and leaving them unhurt.

When they had wakened up, one morning, to find that three of the major farms had been burnt to the ground, during the long moonless night, some of the inhabitants had started to gather their most prized possessions to move to the elders’ hut, at the top of the hill.

If anyone could be wise enough to keep them safe, it would be the elders’ council. It went without saying. And day after day, more families joined in, even those who once mocked the old sages’ warnings, saying they were scaring the simple people just to get their share of the workers’ hardly earned gold.

Today, no one would dare to doubt the elders’ council anymore.

They were all sharing a frugal meal, wondering what the night would bring. Or the next morning. Or the next day for that matter… People sat in silence, somewhat reassured by the calmness of the twelve elders, sitting on the bare ground in the middle of the wide common room.

Suddenly, the ground shook as it had many times, recently.

A young boy ran into the hut, out of breath and wide eyed.

You.. You… You have to see this.

A murmur ran amongst the crowd. The eldest sage stood, and gestured for everyone to keep quiet. Walking with difficulty, he leaned against the doorframe, trying to hide his fear, when his eyes met the luminescent paterns on the ground.

Shakingly walking back in, he turned to the handiest men in the room.

Time to nail every door and window shut… Right now!




Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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