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Nature Morte… – FFFC



He sat on his stool, in a corner of the room.

Waiting for the exact moment when the light would enter the large window with just the right angle… This perfect, though ephemeral, light that would flatter every curve of her fragile silhouette.

People thought of him as a genius. The idea amused him, but he would never argue with anyone working to make him wealthier. He was quite an artist, alright, but there was much more work behind his master pieces, than paint briliantly brushed on a canvas.

If any of them had worked half as hard as he did, if they’d been half as devoted to their art, they would have known the same success he had.

His artistic approach was quite simple, actually. A five steps plan he always followed:

  • Find the right model
  • Find the right pose
  • Wait for the right light
  • Work his magic
  • Clean up after himself

That was it. He didn’t enjoy the fifth step, but it was definately a must, to start fresh with his next project. Other artists questionned his choice of changing models every time he got inspired to paint. They liked having a muse, they hired over and over again to pose for them.

Every girl he chose had a little ”je ne sais quoi” to give him.

He stared back at Olivia… Sitting, barely covered with white chiffon, she was perhaps his best catch, so far. Apart from her ankles, he hadn’t even had to tie her down. Her body had kept the pose for hours now… She was a natural.

It was a shame, really, that he’d have to dismember her tonight and dispose of her beautiful corpse.

The light suddenly changed. It was time, at long last.

Still-life at its best… Sweetheart, tonight you’ll become immortal. 



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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