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The Block…



The building was unusually silent.

Unusually silent, and unusualy hot. It was a beautiful summer, but none of the block’s tennants could afford air conditionning, and the neighbourhood lacked any park with tall trees that would have provided a nice shade.

They once had a community pool, but as the area had gotten poorer and poorer, the city had had no choice but to close it down. Which was quite a shame, especially on days like this one.

After sunset, the neighbours had exited, one by one, to sit on their respective balcony. The intense weather had the advantage of putting all minor fights between them on ”hold” naturally.

The arguements weren’t an unusual thing, in the building, but living so close to each other had brought them close along the years.

Mrs Weinstein had made two tall pitchers of her famous lemonade, and Sharon had brought pie leftovers from the dinner. But Billy’s guitar had remained silent. Everybody had, for that matter.

It was all his fault. Ever since he had moved in, their lives had been turned upside down. The new tenant had more than suspicious ways, had installed surveillance in the building against their will and totally ignored them, whenever they tried to establish contact with the stranger…

The least thing they could say about him was that he was weird as hell.

His patio windows were wide open, as they sipped on their limonade.

Can you hear me? 

They all turned their heads up to his door.

Can you hear me?… give me a sign…

Billy broke down and shout out.

Yes!! Yes we hear you… Do you hear us????

Stacy tried to calm Bill down, with no success. Not wanting Lilly to cry again, she cuddled against her better half, hoping he would shut up.

A cry broke the early evening’s backdrop.  He screamed as if he had found what he had been looking for. All the other tenants looked at each other, heading back to their apartments, the outside party being over.

I got you….  he whispered. I got you all.

The night went silent again… at least until next morning.




In reply to Marquessa’s challenge: click here

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11 thoughts on “The Block…

    1. Thank you, Gorgeous 🙂 It’s coming up soon… As soon as the heatwave gives me some slack 😛 I love hot weather, but this is just.too.dang.hot….


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