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The Block…



The knock on the door was so soft, the cat himself hadn’t been bothered in his sleep, on the old beat-up couch.

Stacy unlocked the apartment’s door, knowing all too well who she’d find on the other side. Just as she expected, the old lady stood, ready to knock once again, probably aware that she wasn’t the loudest knocker in town.

Mrs Weinstein! What a nice surprise… Lilly isn’t disturbing you with her crying, is she?

Margareth didn’t look too steady, holding to her walker, so Stacy invited her in. Their flat wasn’t exactly spacious, but she was always happy to welcome the old lady in. Ever since giving birth to Lilly, Stacy had been trapped between their rented walls, and she enjoyed any company she could get.

Supervising Mrs Weinstein’s slow way around the corner of the hall, Stacy pushed the cat off the couch, putting an abrupt end to his feline nap.

Move away, Muffin!

The old lady took the furball’s place, letting herself fall on the wornout yet still surprisingly comfortable sofa. Stacy suggested to make a big pot of sweet tea, knowing that her neighbour wouldn’t decline the offer.

Oh, that’d be lovely Dear… Just bring me the little munchkin first, won’t you?

Margareth really had her way with Lilly, and as soon as she found herself in her surrogate grand mother’s arms, the little girl fell fast asleep, as always. A break from the incessant crying would be most welcome for everybody in the building. The young mother put the kettle on the stove, and looked for something to nibble on, in the almost empty fridge.

Sweetheart… I forgot, I have a tray of freshly baked macadamian nuts cookies on the building’s hallway table. I couldn’t hold it, because of my walker. Could you get them for us, please… And check out what ”he” installed last night, while you’re at it.

Stacy walked out of the apartment, and spotted the cookies right away. Mrs Weinstein had quite a temper, but she knew how to bake. The smell in the hall was just heavenly. She was tempted to walk right back to her apartment with her loot, but looking up and down and all around, she finally saw the cameras in the corners of the room.

The kettle started whistling, and Stacy took the tray back in the apartment. Setting the snacks on the table, at Margareth’s reach, she asked..

Why do you think he put these cameras for? Is he even allowed to? This seems crazy….

Mrs Weinstein sipped on her tea, with an approval smile. Lilly silently cuddled in her arms.

I have no clue, Dear. And that’s exactly what’s scaring me. 




You can read the first parts of this developing series here:  part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4

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