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Skypy Sunday!


Happy Sunday, Lovelies!

I hope you had a good week.

I’m sorry for sending the invitation on such short notice, this week…  Until a couple of minutes ago, I wasn’t supposed to hold a Skyppy Sunday today, for technical reasons. But everything’s under control now, so if you’re in the mood for a little chat, I’ll be online for about an hour, starting at 6 pm, Eastern Time.

You can come and join in on video, just use the audio, or simply listen and give your feedback through the written chat, if you prefer. Just click on the link below in about 2 hours, and come to share what’s going on in your corner of the world.

I hope to see you then!



Join in!


P.S. The people who wrote to me will get their email reminder at 5 pm Eastern time 🙂

2 thoughts on “Skypy Sunday!

    1. No worries, Kristian, I totally understand! I won’t stay late either tonight, because I start working at 5 am tomorrow (ugh)… We’ll get the chance to chat again, another time 🙂 xx

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