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Secret meeting… – FFFC




Leaning against one of the colomns, he awaited patiently.

She had never stood him up, and he just knew she would show up this time again… It was just a matter of time. Still, she had never been this late in the past. As a matter of fact, she was usually the one waiting for him, when he sent her his secret invitations.

To kill time, he adjusted his wig, and dusted off his jacket. Soon, he would have to leave. He couldn’t risk looking suspicious with all the greedy eyes looking for any opportunity to take a step up in the kingdom’s hierarchy.

He heard a ruffle from afar, and for a moment put his guard up. Peeking towards the soft noise, he let out a sigh of relief. He reveled in the sight of her frail silhouette, slowly gliding his way.

What took you so long?

She carelessly threw herself in his arms. He knew how dangerous it was to hold her like this, but he couldn’t resist the need to hold her tight again.

He gave her long curly hair a soft stroke, his fingers trembling. Her voice broke the silence, though much lower than her usual almost singing tone.

Love… Dad promised me to Lord Brownsburg today. 

Probably knowing that he couldn’t say anything to calm her, she seeked comfort in a short though heartfelt kiss from his lips. He tried to think quick, but their time was counted, as always.

I’ll talk to father…

He knew he would most likely get disinherited for even thinking about sharing his life with such a less fortunate person, and he hated to think that.

I’ll work this out, Milady. 

He could feel her weep against his shoulder. He was on a mission.

I’ll find a way, dear One.



Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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