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Eagle Cliff’s Mountains… – FFFC




Gretta picked the folded ad she had kept in her wallet. Putting on her reading glasses, she read aloud, standing in the middle of the spacious living room.

Centannial original house, far out in the Eagle Cliff’s mountains. Perfect for handy people and nature lovers. Three bedrooms, well equiped kitchen and cute washroom with all comodities. Large joint dinning room/ living room with massive fireplace. Come for the price, and fall in love with the view!

And had they fallen in love with that view!! From the Southern side of the house, they were looking straight up the steep hill. From all three other sides, they could see miles away, perched on the rock, as if from an eagle’s nest.

Of course, there was quite a bit of work to do… The old house had been empty for some years, hence its ridiculous price. Or so they thought.

Bill and she had gladly invested most of their savings in this one of a kind home. Both retired, they had plenty of time ahead of them, to make this place perfect for their old days. They loved the fact that their only close neighbours were furry and feathery visitors.

Quite a catch!


Her husband had gone napping in their bedroom upstairs, when the rain had started pouring down.

Yes, Darlin’ what’s the matter?

Gretta sighed.

Just come down Dear… Please.

Little did they know that the mountains behind their new lair directed the spring rainfalls their way, creating otherwise magical ephemeral cascades.

Bill came down the staircase, still a little drowsy from his interrupted nap.

Anything wrong, Honeybun?

Gretta swiftly brushed her sleeve across her face to dry the tears rolling on her cheeks. Finally getting a clear view of the room, Bill gasped.

His wife was knee-deep in water.





Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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