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Cyranny’s quickie!




You find an envelope holding 1000$ cash on a sidewalk… What do you do with it?





Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Money   For more Quickies, click here.

13 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Faint! LOL! To be honest, there was a Christmas many, many moons ago, where my husband at the time found three hundred dollars in a ball in one of those Quickie Mart parking lots. He held onto it while sitting in his car to see if someone was looking around for it in order to give it back. He waited over an hour, and finally came to the conclusion that no one was looking for it. He would have gone iside to ask, but he figured everyone in there would swarm him and claim it to be theirs. So he ended up making the decision to keep it.


  2. It wasn’t $1000, but I did find an envelope with $110 at the LA Zoo, back when I was teaching 2nd grade. I turned it in to the Zoo’s office, and was told if no one claimed it in 6 weeks, they would contact me, and it would be mine. 6 Weeks later, I received a call saying to come pick up my money.


  3. Blow on a night out? Take it to the casino? Nah. I believe I’d turn it in. Could be somebody’s rent money, their cashed paycheck, etc. My only request would be, if nobody claimed it, that it be donated to a homeless shelter.


  4. Try and look for clues of the owner. If that does not happen, I’d use it to buy books, stationery, art n craft material and things like that for kids from low income communities.


  5. Go to the pub.

    Although in all probability I would hand it in, if near a shop, make them write it down in the lost property book, with the knowledge that if no one claimed it within 6 weeks it would be mine.

    Depending on the envelope I might post up on local facebook community groups. If it was just a plain white envelope that would make it more difficult, as I wouldn’t want to give any clues as to what is it in.


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