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Just thinking…



Getting ready for my new solo escapade, I try to do a little research to add new and unusual things to do during my trip. Things like finding at least one of the great hidden giants of Copenhagen…



The Forgotten Giants are entirely made of recycled wood.


While searching for these little gems, I come across facts that make my mind wander… Did you know that Denmark has a total of 11 771 km of coastline? Of course not. That’s my job to bring that kind of knowledge to your attention.

Knowing that there are 5 771 201 Danes to this day (I like precision, LOL), I made some simple math…

11 771 000 divided by 5 771 201 = 2,04


2,04 meters per Dane. Of course, many of them are children or even toddlers, but if we consider the non-Danes visiting, that would help reduce this result a little under 2 meters by person present in Denmark.

So, if I just found a way to convince everybody to take a day off and drive to the coast (I’m thinking the Queen could be of great help for that part of my plan), we could all hold hands, and make a human chain litterally all around the country!

Yes, it is childish… Yes, it is useless. But I think it’d be great nonetheless.

Oh, and I want to hold Mads Mikkelsen’s hand, please! My project, my rules…

Tak for det!











7 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. That recycled Forgotten Giants structure is TOO COOL!!! I would loveee to see that one day in person.

    Also- love the Denmark tidbits!! The more you know about a place, the more you appreciate it—not that you need any reason to appreciate Denmark any more than ya already do 😉 But this is soo fun to learn leading up to your trip! Thanks for sharing, Cyra


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