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My heart…



My heart’s a wild creature
No one will ever tame.
Fierce yet fragile
Clumsy yet agile
Not opening easily
But loving blindly
If you can’t stand the temperature…
Don’t stand next to the flame!

4 thoughts on “My heart…

  1. I’m up to my ears
    With the moanin’ and bitchin’
    I can’t stand this heat
    Let me out of your kitchen
    You’re spicy. Enticing.
    So very good looking
    I like how you taste
    But not what you’re cooking
    So let me get dressed
    Allow me to leave
    Though I’ve nothing to wear
    But the heart on my sleeve
    There’ll be no turning back
    Be no looking around
    For no love is lost
    Where there’s none to be found

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