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Welcome to Freezingland!

We Freezinglanders like to discuss the weather. I don’t think it really qualifies as ranting. It is just in our blood. And since Mother Nature refuses to take her pills, we have plenty to talk about!

From time to time, Non-Freezinglanders join the chat.

Like yesterday, when my dear Trina mentionned that she couldn’t believe how people drove in the snow in a previous video. That made me smile, because there really was hardly any snow on the street.

Sonofa made me laugh out loud, when his comment to the same winter video was just a heartfelt ”NO!” It didn’t surprise me much, knowing how much he loves the beach. I give him that, beaches are pretty boring when the temperature is below 0 Celcius.

So for you two, and all the others who enjoy a peek at what’s happening just outside my living room’s window, here’s a brand new short video!



There wasn’t much snow, but the wind was pretty impressive. Just another evening in Freezingland!



26 thoughts on “Welcome to Freezingland!

  1. Ah yes! Winter in eastern Canada. I’m in Florida now but friends at home have told me it has been arctic and then above freezing and then freezing rain and below freezing and an ice storm. Never a dull moment. Hang in there. Spring will come.

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    1. Is it a promise? 😛

      Just joking, as I said, and as you know, we like to talk about the weather, but we are used to it… I think it’s just better to ”complain” about the weather, than to bitch about people LOL

      Enjoy the warm weather for us, Anne! And give a pat to Biasini for me!! xx

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      1. When the temperature gets warmer, I’ll start filming outside a bit… I kind of like to post these on YouTube, and wonder how people who find them by mistake react (I imagine WTF faces LOL)

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  2. Next time it snows here, I will try and get a video of cars driving. Last week, I had so much fun, watching them try and get up an incline.

    I am lucky, that I was taught how to drive in the snow, so I get to mock the English (and it is mainly the south of England which goes mental when it snows, the rest of the UK are use to it)

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    1. That’d be fun to watch… I know it is just normal that people who aren’t used to driving on snow go crazy after a cm fall. But it is still funny to check out 😛

      We’re supposed to have a “real” snow storm (nothing blizzard-esque, but they are announcing about a foot of snow) and I’ll probably shoot another little video!

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