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I wasn’t going to, but…


I’m still working on my comment-replying, and scrolling around posts here and there… And I had no intention whatsoever to post again today.

But Trina told me to do it.

Trina reblogs a lot of posts. She writes about her life, and her ups and downs, but she shares a lot of posts on her blog. Sometimes I picture her scrolling through the whole Bloggosphere, looking for little gems, and forgetting to eat, drink or sleep in the process! She’s basically a blog screener, and tonight she asked for my help. She’s a little overwhelmed, you see?

It just seems like there are too many good posts out there, and that “People should stop writing such good posts”Β to which I answered that she didn’t have to worry about me writing anything worth reblogging today…

And then I recieved another message saying;


“Could you tell everyone else please”


So here I am. I sure don’t know everyone on WordPress, but I am kindly asking you all, Lovelies, on Trina’s behalf. Please stop posting great stuff for tonight! And maybe tomorrow too? Just to give her extra slack!

That’d be super generous of you… She’ll appreciate the gesture!





93 thoughts on “I wasn’t going to, but…

    1. Thank you Sandra πŸ™‚ But all the credit goes to Trina, since this is a real “conversation” her and I had this evening… And it was not even private, so people can have proof that I didn’t invent a thing (in “The fine art of commenting” post comment box)…

      As for the reblogs, you should come to Trina’s on Fridays… She’ll take your links and share them over the weekend! Plus you get to meet lovely faces there… like mine! LOL

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      1. *Big hugs* Gorgeous… I know you are disappointed with your A to Z Challenge, but it doesn’t matter, if you finish it a little later than you had planned. Think about it… You wrote 23 out of the 26 in time. And your story was really well writen… That’s 88% of success so far, that’s not bad at all, if you ask me! πŸ™‚ xx

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      2. I’m not sure I can finish it at all. Or it might take months. I’m all dried up again. So I’m trying to force it… but that never goes well… so I think I’m just going to have a terrible ending and then I may not be writing for a while.


      3. Hang on… Remember, your brain beleives what you tell it. You might be dry inspiration-wise now, but you don’t know what tomorrow will bring your way πŸ™‚

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      4. I don’t know. I’ve been telling myself from the start of this month that my story is good and I knew where I was going and everything was going well. And then it crashed… even though I was thinking good things… I’m sorry I’m clogging up your post with this!

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      5. First of all, you’re not clogging anything πŸ˜‰ This comment box can take it with noooo problem! And second, I just caught up with your story (as you might have noticed) and I think it is going great!! If you need to do some brainstorming for the last episodes, let me know. I can think about some ideas, but I know you can finish this challenge…. As Marquessa said, you’re da bomb! And you can nail this πŸ™‚ xx

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      6. Thanks β™₯ πŸ™‚ Part of me would love to hear ideas but I don’t think I should. I think it’ll make me feel like it’s not my own story anymore. Does that make sense? I do have ideas… I have a lot of notes. I’m just having trouble putting them together. This is when I don’t know how people can tell me I’m a “real writer”…

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      7. Oh it definately makes sense… And I think it is great that you want to finish this by yourself πŸ™‚ That’s the spirit…. And don’t worry, I get that feeling too. Having ideas but not knowing how to build the story, it is frustrating, but I’m sure you’ll find a way πŸ™‚ xx

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  1. OMG…I would love to comply but I’ve just scheduled my response to this weeks wordpress photo challenge. Well I can’t un-schedule it now. Oh….my….I will loose sleep over this. Well maybe not but…. My apologies to Trina and to you. But wait…..the post won’t go up until tomorrow morning so I’m not posting tonight. YAY!

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  2. Wow, that was close! I was just about to hit “Publish” on my most brilliant post to date, but then I read your post and so I stopped myself. Thank heavens I was able to not post it just in the nick of time! And just to make sure I wasn’t tempted to publish it later tonight, I deleted it entirely. Then I drank a bottle of scotch to erase my memory of it.

    What are we talking about again?

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    1. Same here… My posts are much shorter than they used to be. But then again, with the readers came the comments, and I have less time to sit and just write. It’s a nice problem πŸ™‚

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    1. Awww come here, lovely Bag Lady πŸ™‚ I want a big big hug! Thank you… You are amazing and I feel priviledged to have met you here on WordPress… Though it would have been great to live closer, I could have come over to chat “live”…. I’m sure we would have had a blast. Who knows… Maybe I’ll travel your way someday πŸ™‚


  3. Oh poor Trina! Indeed, she has to be exhausted with all this reading. I’ve seen so many great posts lately without even looking for something great particularly, so I can imagine how much work she has to have with all this. If someone’s going to post something great this evening – or whatever time is there where you are – it surely won’t be me. I just came back from all those end of the school year celebrations and I even hardly doubt I’ll post anything today, great or boring, maybe will just share some music in my song of the day series but will try to limit my writing, in case it may turn out great (by some miracle). I hope that helps at least a bit to narrow down the amount of great posts Trina will have to scroll through, though actually I don’t think I’ve written that many great posts in these three months of my blogging, so probably I shouldn’t worry. Loved your post, Cyranny. πŸ˜€

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    1. Well thank you so much for your kind support! I am starting to have ideas for a “Save Trina” campain…

      We could have banners, and flyers… and have a “Let’s not blog, altogether!” day… And we could sell t-shirts that would say “T for Trina!” and I could start a GoFundMe page.

      Maybe Sting, Bono and some other artists would agree to make a special song, we could sell, and all the money would go to the “Trina Foundation For Overwhelmed Bloggers”…

      Oh my…

      So yes, thank you for keeping yourself from being brilliant (I highly recommend not writing at all, as most brilliant writers don’t recognize how good they are, and you might end up with a brilliant post without meaning it!)

      And thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚ It is always appreciated to read you, dear! πŸ™‚ xx

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    1. Hahahahaha well, Trina has taken back the “please don’t write great posts” request, yesterday night, so you’re all good! Hey, it’s exciting, only 24h to go for your big day!! Yay!!

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      1. Phew! You know how much I like to follow “rules!”. Thanks so much for keeping track of that!!! I woke up at 4 am and just had to see if it was available for download yet and it is!!! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ it’s really very exciting!!!

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      2. LOL for some reason, my head thought we were the 27th… Happy release day Gorgeous!!!!!! I am so happy for you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We have to throw a party or something!! I’ll get the Champagne! xx

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      1. It has taken a while, but there has just been so many good blog posts out recently, that either have made me smile, promote other blogs or do really good blogging tips or are just damn good. I try to put a limit on it, but I have given up for now

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      2. Oh! oh! You mean everybody’s posts…. I thought you were talking about The Cove… (LOOOOOOOOL just kidding… I really suck at throwing flowers at myself LOL)

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