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Weekend Share @ Trina’s…


Another week behind us, and it is time to get ready for the weekend! How about giving a little boost to your blog and discovering new faces?

The fabulous Trina (not bad, for a start, uh? Trina?) holds a weekly sharing event. My gal is not only brilliant, witty, fun to hang with and adorable… She also is very generous, and opens her blog to every writer who wishes to leave her a couple of links. If you do so, she’ll reblog everyone of your posts over the weekend.

Come have a look, and tell Trina that I invited you 🙂


Wow this week went quick and since I have had a crappy week with everything breaking down. I am looking forward to this weekend’s share. Lets get ready to party As everything is life there are rules, if you are new or just need reminding here they are Rules are very simple, You can share […]

via Weekend Share #24 — Its good to be crazy Sometimes

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