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Lindsay Challenge: Day 1 * 7 reasons I love my feet!




Oh come on! Admit it, of all things I could list reasons to love, I bet you wouldn’t have thought about that!

For her first child, Mom seems to have put a lot of efforts in molding the perfect feet! She did a great job, and even after 40 years (well, ok, not so much the first one) of walking on them, I still like them very much!


1- My feet are small

Name me one girl who really wishes she had bigger feet! Note that I bet there is such a girl, somewhere… Maybe several, you even might know one, but the large majority of us members of the girly kingdom prefer to have smaller feet. And mine are tiny, but not “I’ve-been-strapping-them-since-I-was-a-child” like the old Chinese tradition! No, just natural tiny!

2- My feet took me to lots of places

Did I hear “Denmark”, in the back of the room? Yes indeed, three times already, and longing to go back! But my feet took me to lots of other places like the US, France, Belgium, Spain, Guinea…  And not once did they let me down! Ok, once, during a trip in France, I fell down the stairs and had to wear a brace and walk with crutches. That was a -1 foot trip, but to its defense, it was the ankle’s fault!

3- My feet have soft skin

Even after 40 years and a lot of walking. I wish I could take credit for that, telling you how very caring I’ve been with the Footsies since my teenage years… But I didn’t. I do occasionally give them a little cream treatment, but only because it feels good. I never had bunions, or calluses… No ingrown toenail, no athlete’s foot. Not even dry skin.

4- My feet never cramp

I know a lot of people get foot cramps. Those look very painful, and a bit scary… You know when toes get a mind of their own, and you’d swear they are auditionning for a remake of the movie “The Exorcist”? If you get them, I feel for you… But I don’t. Thank you, little piggies, for sparing me!

5- My feet have a radar option

It is a well known fact that the typical foot has an irresistible attraction for everything hard and pointy.  Wall corners, door sides, furniture feet… If it hurts, the average person will kick it at least a couple of times a year. I know Chéri has bruises between his toes all the time. My feet are on a constant lookout for imminent dangers around the house. Even in the dark, I don’t remember the last time I hurt myself kicking into something else than a ball.

6- My feet are fancy

Yeah, the Footsies like to dress up! And they give me a reason to buy all kinds of fancy socks. Mostly furry ones, because the feeling is so nice! The more colorful, the better! We’re not crazy about shoe-shopping, because I prefer to treat my feet with comfortable walking shoes, but when we go fancy, any stilletto pair compliments them! Leftie also wears an ankle chain, and you could think that’s an ankle thing, but without my feet, it would keep falling out all the time.

7- My feet are pretty

I wouldn’t say that about every part of my body, but I do think the Footsies are cute. They have nice straight even toes, and no flaw that would make me hesitate to denude them. Too bad I don’t get to show them more often… Then again, nice feet are not what men usually go for in a woman. *sigh*


Oh, and so you know…  I realize it is silly to give attention to feet, but at least I didn’t make a “7 reasons I love my butt” list!



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39 thoughts on “Lindsay Challenge: Day 1 * 7 reasons I love my feet!

  1. I’ll bet you’re going to hear from a few feet fanciers today! I hate my feet, always have. I didn’t inherit my mom’s cute ones, of course not. I got my dads second toe is longer type. Yuck! I’ve always refused sandals. Socks are my specialty, all types.

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    1. I’m sorry to read that you don’t like your feet… And it is too bad feet have this bad reputation in general. I know a lot of people don’t like looking at them even if they are the cutest feet, and many don’t feel comfortable touching them, even their own!


      1. LOL That’s good 😉

        But having studied therapeutic massaging, I know how selfcouncious people are about their feet when it comes to touching them or getting their feet touched.


  2. I use to love my feet. You are very fortunate and lucky to have such beautiful feet! Mine use to be small, but believe it or not, you do gain wait on your feet when you gain all over. I have just lost some weight and am starting to feel it in the way my shoes fit. I have bunions, calluses, and dry feet now, so sad

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    1. You are bringing up a good point, Nancy! I used to be a lot heavier, and I never thought loosing weight would have such an impact on the Footsies… I eventually had to change all my shoes!!

      Do yours hurt from the bunions and calluses?

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      1. We don’t talk about feet enough… 😛 I should start a “Get to know your feet better” campain! And make the world a better place, one step at a time 😉 hehe

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  3. good one, never thought so much about my amazing feet! Maybe a good challenge would be to write “the reasons why I love my [least favourite body bit ..]? Most of us are far too critical yet every body component is essential to life … except our tits, they tried to kill me so I got em cut off!

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    1. Oh that would be a very interesting challenge!! Call it wisdom kicking in, or just not having time to bother about it anymore… I sure have some parts of my body I like more than others, but I don’t “hate” anything about me, like when I was 20.

      I’m sorry that you had killer boobs… Don’t answer me, if it is too personal to talk about it here, but I am just curious… I know that a lot of women feel so much like they got their feminity robbed from them, that they have to go through the painful and difficult process of “reconstruction” after a mastectomy… Did you?

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      1. lol no problem talking about it, I have blogged about it but as I didn’t have a rebuild people seem shy to engage. They were huge [2kg each as they weigh them when they slice them off] … well passed my five year clearance but still got the indents on my shoulders! Blessings are no more unwanted attention/grabbing, no more bras, no more mammograms so unless you’re breast feeding or a porn star … what the!

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      2. 🙂 I’ve seen such horror stories about women who had to go through several surgeries to gradually have enough place under their already wounded skin to put implants… And although I understand how someone can feel incomplete and “need” that done, I find it sad to go through so much pain to feel beautiful….

        I am glad you feel good the way you are, WiseKate 🙂 xx

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      3. my boobs do not define me .. I’d rather be scarred and alive than beautiful and dead … the surgeons muck women around and I wasn’t having any of it, a benefit of working in hospices for so long 🙂
        If anything I feel more beautiful, people now look me in the eye instead of staring fixedly at my big tits, it’s refreshing 🙂

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      4. My pleasure… I think it’s very interesting to talk about it… Everybody says “Oh! True beauty comes from within!” but how many truly practice it… Not many.

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      5. OoooOOoooOooOOOoh! See, I didn’t know that! More Danish trivia information!! It sure counts…

        And you get double points for teaching me something about Denmark! LOL

        *Sigh* Why don’t Danish Princes ever come to Montréal to find a wife… So not fair!

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    1. I say we change the saying (if I can’t submit my own Crayola color, I’ll find a way to change something in this world, one way or another)… No more: “Dog is a man’s best friend” – New and improved: “Feet are a man’s best friend!”

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      1. Tell me about it… I tried once or twice, and then went back to knitting scarves! I only have one life to live… until I find a way to become a cat… then I can get 9 of them, and try the tricky sock-knitting again! LOL

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  4. I have small feet too, and all though I do like a lot about that fact, it does make shoe buying a challenge for me.
    As a northern European, on average my fellow countrymen have feet so much larger than mine. This means I often need to check out the kiddie section for stuff that fits… The upside is that this is often cheaper. The downside is that super cool shoes I see online or in “big grownup shops” exclude me, as their smallest option is often one size above mine…
    But for the rest: high five for tiny feet!

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    1. Hehehehe… I guess I am super lucky then! They are small, but not small enough for me to have to shop them in the children’s department.

      That must be quite irritating, especially on special occasions, when you want fancy footwear. I know there are always special stores that make “small” versions of “adults” shoes, but they must be pretty expensive!

      Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx


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