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All I wish for you…

Via Today’s Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

Portrait of a man, Delhi India


Wrinkles… They
will come, wether
you want it or
not, they’ll add on.

Little ridges running
from the corner of
your eye lids, carved lines
traced around your lips…

All I whish for you, is
to get happy ones!
Those that come from
smiling, and never from a frown…




29 thoughts on “All I wish for you…

    1. Mouahahahahaha I did have a babyface… The last time I was asked for some id to prove I wasn’t a minor, was at the age of 36 or 37 (but I suspect that guy had severe vision problems LOL)

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      1. In fact, we both almost burst out laughing… and the guy started appologizing when he saw my driver’s license… and I went on thanking him about 10 times!! It was a funny moment (not so much for him though)

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      2. I was with a gay (older) work colleague many years ago (but I was still well beyond 30 myself) buying beer at a supermarket in Redondo Beach. Without looking up the bored young girl at the checkout, as a matter of habit, asked, “you got ID?” It was only when she received no reply that she took a look at me and said, “oh, sorry.” My friend immediately replied, “Don’t apologise darling, he wants to marry you.”

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    1. I agree… And I think you can really tell by looking at an elderly, if the wrinkles are the product of years of happiness, or years of desolation….

      Welcome to the Cove, M! I just visited your blog… And I’ll come again, that’s for sure!! xx

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  1. You can’t trace the lines around my eyes
    To see what they have seen
    You can’t touch the wrinkles on my hands
    To be where they have been
    You can’t feel the scars upon my flesh
    To understand my pain
    But you can look into my heart and know
    I’d do it all again

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